Global Communication and Social Change

The Division for Global Communication and Social Change exists to encourage and debate research on issues of production, distribution, content and reception of communications media at global, "glocal", transnational, transcultural, international and regional levels.

Within this purview it encompasses work across a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, concerning issues of media/mediated communication in cultural, economic, political or social contexts, including strategic mediated communication for development, social change or social justice.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the GCSC division preconference on "Researching and Working in a Global/Transnational Context: Mentoring on Practical Considerations"!

A very special thank you goes to Northwestern University in Qatar as the exclusive sponsor of the preconference. 

We would also like to thank the following speakers who shared their wonderful insights and knowledge with all present:

Susan Abbott, Independent Consultant
Lisa Brooten, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Everette Dennis, Northwestern U in Qatar
Myria Georgiou, London School of Economics and Political Science
Robert Huesca, Trinity University
Ang Peng Hwa, Nanyang Technological Universtiy
Randy Kluver, Texas A&M University
Radhika Parameswaran, Indiana University Bloomington
Clemencia Rodriguez, University of Oklahoma
Karin Wilkins, University of Texas at Austin
Ernest Wilson III, University of Southern California
John Sinclair, University of Melbourne
Colin Sparks, Hong Kong Baptist University
Joseph Straubhaar, University of Texas at Austin
In an effort to share insights from the preconference more broadly, especially among graduate students, I'm including below documents that have been generously shared by Susan Abbott and Randy Kluver. I will share more information from the preconference as I receive it.
Rashmi Luthra
Chair, GCSC

Susan Abbott Ppt

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**Please welcome our new officers. Our incoming secretary is William Youmans from George Washington University and our new graduate student representative is Anis Rahman from Simon Fraser University.


Please join me in proudly acknowledging our award winners for this year:

Cara Wallis (Texas A&M U) won the division's Best Article Award competition for her article on "Technology and/as Governmentality: The Production of Young Rural Women as Low-Tech Laboring Subjects in China" published in the September 2013 issue of Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies.

Matthew Powers (U. Washington) won the top paper award for “The Changing Faces of NGO Information Work: A Historical View”. 

Senyo Ofori-Parku (U. Oregon) won a top student paper award for “Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold in Ghana: Hegemonic Globalization Sparks Resistance and Policy Change”, co-authored with Leslie Steeves.

Jade Kim (Temple U.) won a top student paper award for “Establishing an Imagined ’SMTOWN Nation’: The Discourse of the Korean Pop Boom in Cultural Globalization”. 


Last year's award winners were:

Aynne Kokas (Rice U) was the winner of the dissertation award for her dissertation titled "Shot in Shanghai: Western Film Co-Production in Post-WTO Mainland China."

Annemarie Iddins (U of Michigan) was the winner of our top student paper award, for her paper on "The Periphery that Speaks: FLN Radio and Post/Colonial Identity Discourse in the Algerian Revolution."

Lisa Brooten (Southern Illinois U - Carbondale) won the top paper award for her paper on "The Right to Communicate in the Midst of Political Violence: Media Reform and Social Change in Thailand."

Zixue Tai (U of Kentucky) and Fengbin Hu (Shanghai U) won the top paper award for their paper on "Cyberspace as Contested Spaces: The Network of Mass Collaboration, Grassroots Surveillance and Popular Protests in China."


ICA 2014 Announcements:

GCSC 10/13 Division Announcements: Ica Gcsc 2013

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